Exceptional Kitchen Worktops and Accessories

High-quality kitchen worktops and accessories can really make your space stand out and also make you want to spend more time in it.


Regardless of whether you select either a ceramic or quartz stone version, elements from Systemo combine natural, elegance, and sustainability perfectly. Both materials are not only robust, acid-resistant and food-safe, but they are also very hygienic and easy-to-maintain thanks to their non-porous surfaces. For everyday life, this means simple handling. Direct contact with food is safe, and the preparation of meals can be done directly on the work surface. The surface can also be quickly cleaned again in next to no time.


Functionality is probably the most important aspect of your kitchen. Along with high-grade sinks and taps, the drawers include:

Genuine Wood Raised Dishwashers

LeMans Corner Units

Integrated, All-Purpose Electrical Slicer

  • Accessories drawer
  • Accessories drawer plates
  • Accessories drawer
  • Accessories drawer pans
  • Accessories food
  • Accessories scales drawer
  • Accessories cutlery
  • accessories shelf

Contact us in Kirkharle, Northumberland, to find out more about the various kitchen worktops and accessories we have available.